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​We are working on a variety of projects together with the local youth and people. 

​Education Support

1, Education Support at Kinitheu School
We support Kinitheu School (Kinitheu Shishu Sadan) located at remote area, Rowangchari upazila, Bandarban, Bangladesh. Khumi and Mro indigenous community's children (Level 0-5) learn and stay here.
We want no child will be ignorant and provide opportunities to explore hidden potentialities of all children. So, we chose and started to work here because we want their exist in Bangladesh to continue with their own identity. Each one of them will be a great ambassador to take care of our environment, their culture and the people & make our world peaceful, kind & equal. 
2, Moving Theater with NPO World Theater Project
​We deliver the Cinema for children and villagers who mainly live in remote and no electricity area.
Our concept is "When classroom changes to the Theater, children broaden their world". We assist it through Cinema.
We also translate and dub a Japanese cartoon to local language
(Bangla and each indigenous language including Rohingya, etc.)
World Theater Project is a Japanese NPO, which it started the project from Cambodia (2012). Then, it expanded Bangladesh (2018) and Nepal. We had our Moving Theater so far at Chittagong Hill Tracts, Rohingya Refugee Camp, Sreemangal. 
3, Handicraft 
​We introduce local traditional crafts both at home and abroad. At the same time, we try to sell that for Fair-Trade price. Those handicrafts are made by the low-income community and women entrepreneur. We hope to assist them in earning in their own way, then they are inspired to educate their children with the income, it is also sensitised about health and environment.
Now, we expand our project with three Handicraft teams (two student's teams and a women's team) in Bandarban and Rangamati.  
4, Emergency Support
We provide Emergency Support, when some disasters or accidents happen in Bangladesh.
Achievement : COVID-19 Food distribution to Chattogram and Bandarban (2020)
                          Landslide in Rangamati (2017)
                          Winter Cloth donation in Rangamati and Bandarban (2017-2019)   etc.
COVID-19 Food distribution                                                                Chattogram                                                                      Bandarban
5, Videography / Cinematography
​We have the movie making sector as our social business.
We receive your order to shoot or make a movie from home and abroad, and also make some movies initiatively to enlighten people via documentary, etc.
​These income will be for our project and children in Bangladesh.
Introduction movie for a language school                Cooking movie for a NGO                Coffee cultivation documentary for a foundation
6, Tour Attend / Translation
We help your research and project in Bangladesh.
If you need a guidance about some local areas (including Rohingya Refugee Camp),
we can attend you for your tour, research and business, etc.
Achievement : 2019-2020 Feb. = 12 cases
                                   2018 = 4 cases
Also, recieve your request to translate Bangla ⇆ English ⇆ Japanese ⇆ Some indigenous languages (including Rohingya).
​These income will be for our project and children in Bangladesh.
Meeting local Children                               Visiting Rohingya Refugee Camp              Sightseeing the Nature                              Researching Culture & Lifestyle, etc.                                                                                                                                               ※He is a local freelancer guide
                                                                                                                                              (Career 12 years)
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