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We introduce the local handicraft to the world,
and support the maker to raise fund for their life and children's education.
​Indigenous Traditional Beaded Ornament
Click the picture, there are in stock now. You can also order your design.
The indigenous people in Bangladesh are fond of ornaments of silver and beads.
Ivory and bone of animals are also used as jewels.
Khumi and Mro women ornately arrange their hair with flower,
ear with silver, neck with beads!
These beaded ornaments are called 'Kengbow', 'Lengke',
'Kengka', 'Kappier', 'Kengsing', 'Ken-ankei pay' in Mro,
'Sailiafai' in Khumi.
When these crafts is introduced to everyone all over the world by us (ChotoBela)
as fair-trade products and fund-raising for them,
​we call it "KINITHEU", the same with school name that we are supporting here.
The makers of "KINITHEU"
1, Kinitheu students 2, Moanoghar students 3, Local women
of Khumi and Mro community.
They had originally made the traditional ornament
for only their family.
The tradition and culture is not changing, just expanding a family circle/consciousness to abroad... We believe so.

​Fair-trade & Organic
Furomon Coffee

About this "Coffee Project"

This coffee (beans) is the products cultivated by guardian of some Moanoghar students. Moanoghar is another boarding/residential school in Chiitagong Hill Tracts (Rangamati District). We, ChotoBela Foundation, also stay with them. When you purchase this coffee as Fair-trade products from us, then the income is allotted to educatuion funds for Kinitheu students too.


"FUROMON" means a mane of hill loved by local people.

In Bangladesh, a demand for Coffee is still not so much as Tea. Please contact us if you consider purchasing for you and as a gift,

or serving at a cafe and office.

Size・Price : 250g・950 BDT or 12 $

                    1kg・2800 BDT or 32 $

                    2kg・5000 BDT or 58 $ [+bKash+Delivery charge]

​Illustrated by Kinitheu Children
Kinitheu fund-raising Postcard
Click the picture! You can choose your favourite 5 pieces as one set.  
​A memory at Drawing time
Some children are good at drawing, and some draw a blank...
A child was shedding tears because he couldn't imagin anything
he wanted to draw.
Our member suggested drawing just an egg...
He tried drawing it, then got happy and drew one more egg!!
When we assist them just a little, they can try everything new and get happy.
Now, all of Kinitheu children like drawing time.
We remake their drawing to Postcard
and sell to raise fund for their education fee.
Jumma 11 Indigenous Communities Illustration Cover Notebook
​This is the fund-raising goods.

Lushai / Chak / Tanchangya / Marma / Khumi /
Tripura / Mro / Chakma / BawmPangkhua / Khyang

 300 BDT / 4 $ a Notebook (200 pages) 

Artist : Titas ChakmaJulian BawmTufan Ruch
Company : Prachurjaa Fashion House
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