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World Theater Project and Us
"When classroom changes to the theater, children broaden their world"
Believing so, we have delivered cinema to children in Bangladesh since 2018.   
​NPO World Theater Project (WTP) was formed
in 2012, Japan and Cambodia.
We established a partnership with them in January 2018,
and started the project as Bangladesh Branch.
WTP official character
English Sound + Japanese Subtitle                                                                 By Robert Shaw
EN    See WTP's website    JP
Apr. - We attended at 4th Hill Film Festival in Rangamati.
           - We started "Moving Theater" at no-electricity school
            in Bandarban, Bagladesh.
May. Moving Theater in Srimangal.
Jul.   A cartoon dubbing in Bangla and Chakma language.
Sep. - Moving Theater in Rangamati and Bandarban.
            - Debriefing program in Japan.
Nov. Moving Theater at Rohingya Refugee Camp in Cox's Bazar.
Jan. We got a Cinema Deliverer from Chakma community, Bangladesh.
Feb. Moving Theater with Women's Pro-Wrestling program in Rangamati.
Mar. Moving Theater in Bandarban.
Jun. USHIO Dream Projection Project donated a projector for us.
Jul.   A cartoon dubbing in Rohingya language (with children).
Aug. Moving Theater in Rangamati and Rohingya Refugee Camp.
Sep. Moving Theater in Rangamati.
Oct. Moving Theater in Rangamati.
Jan. Moving Theater in Rangamati.
Aug. Online event / Webiner by Zoom (Japan-Nepal-Bangladesh).
We are exploring the eco-friendly ways
in preparation for Moving Theater 2021!
We aim to deliver Cinema / Theater to children equally
in Bangladesh,
so we often go to some schools and villages in remote areas specially no-electricity areas.
In addition, we try to dub the cartoon in each language.
We dubbed a cartoon in Bangla, Chakma, Rohingya,
then have delivered it to lot's of children in Bangladesh
until today.
Bandarban 1.jpg
​Core Member in Bangladesh
Click the photo
Check the areas
we delivered Cinema
​Cinema Deliverer

Hasu Dewan

He is from Chakma community.

​He is in charge of Rangamati and helps every area.

While studying at university,

he is working with us,

at Bangladesh Youth Leadership Centre and

Computer Club, etc.

        Volunteer member at Bandarban
​Volunteer member at Rohingya Refugee Camp in Cox's Bazar 
Movie List
Fill and Moo ©︎WTP
FILL and Moo / 8 min.
An independent film producted by World Theater Project's own self.
It was produced to deliver Cinema/Theater beyond the world and also language barrier.
It's a clay animation.
Director : Toshiko Hata
​©︎ WTP
Hal's Flute @ TMS
Hal's Flute / 50 min.
The master piece by a Japanese famous
cartoonist Yanase Takashi. It's a warm story that shows the affection between a racoon mother and human boy.
This was dubbed by us (ChotoBela) and our volunteers to Bangla, Chakma and Rohingya language.
​Story : Yanase Takashi
©︎ TMS Entertainment
​DigiCon 6 ASIA
DigiCon6 ASIA is the big competition of animation from ASIA, held by TBS (Japanese Broadcast Company) once every year.
The prize‐winning works have provided for our project (WTP), then
children can watch them through Moving Theater since 2017/19th contest.
These animations has no dialogue and about 5 min. per a work.
​©︎ DigiCon6 ASIA
Photo Gallery 2018-2020
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