​About us

We are a registered organization to support children,

minority people and socially vulnerable in Bangladesh.

      Chittagong Hill Tracts
​  Kinitheu
​   School
ChotoBela Foundation
Activity Map (As of 2020) 
​Moving Theater
​Coffee project
​Emergency Aid
​Cox's Bazar
Rohingya Refugee Camp
ChotoBela Foundation at a Glance   
Name of the Organization : ChotoBela Foundation
Year of Establishement : 2020
                                        (2018 as a voluntary organization ChotoBela works)
Place of Establishment : Chattogram
Co-Founder in Country : Ujani Chakma
Head Office : Chattogram, Bangladesh
Field Office : -----
Operation Areas : Chattogram / Rangamati / Bandarban / Cox's Bazar / 
                                Every remote area
Nature of the Registration : The Societies Registration Act 21 of 1860
Government Registration No. : CHS - 657/2020
Name of the Registration : 1978 The foreign Donations
                                            (Volunteer Activities)
Bank account : 
Greeting from a Co-Founder
Ujani Chakma
​From Rangamati, Bangladesh.
​Our background
The present core members of us came together
when Landslide disaster occured in Rangamati, June 2017.
Before that, we had worked on each project / at each place
through doing some volunteer activitie, fundraising, campaign,
writing the article and making the movie, etc.
All of these activitie were for children, minority people and socially vulnerable.
 Then, we realised that we should be united.
Our short biography

2018   March   Established a voluntary organization "ChotoBela works" in Bangladesh
           April     Started World Theater Project in Bangladesh
2019   March     Started supporting Kinitheu School in Bandarban
           April       Started Local Handicraft Project
2020   March     Registered "ChotoBela Foundation" as a local Foundation in Bangladesh

2021   October   Registered "ChotoBela Japan" as a NPO in Japan